Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tooth & Claw -- Genestealer Abominant vs Haldor Icepelt

Hi again,

I love the new Genestealer Cult miniatures that GW has been releasing recently. And the Genestealer Abominant from the Tooth & Claw boxed set is a particular beauty!!! Actually the main reason why I could not resist buying the box. :-))))

Not surprisingly, the sculpt is also a great please to paint!

For the color scheme, I imagine some more "natural" human miner taint colour for the skin, i.e, pale., while the mutated "skin" should be more insect carapace (or Alien movie) like, i.e, gloss black...

Now the duel with Haldor Icepelt can begin!

Who will win???

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